High Roller Bonuses - Casino bonus for the most experienced

Highrollers are players in any type of casinos (online or live) who like to risk a lot of money and sometimes can win a fortune.

Online casinos pay particular attention to attracting highrollers. It is not uncommon for an online casino to organize cruises or other events where they would pay for these players' trip, invite them to expensive dinners and entertain them to their best abilities.

Any casino would like to see their highrollers happy and for this reason they provide a lot of services and benefits that average players don't get and most of the time don't even know they exist.

They will make special deposit and cash out arrangements, they will give highrollers a personal VIP manager who would look after them, etc.

One of the benefits highrollers enjoy in the online casino world is special highroller bonuses.

These bonuses are usually in the thousands and sometimes the online casinos will specify them as highroller bonuses, but not always.

These highroller bonuses usually have lower play-through requirements than the "normal" first deposit bonuses.

Highrollers are also offered further deposit bonuses that might be on an ad-hoc basis or might be weekly, monthly or other regularity.

After all, if you are risking so much money, you do deserve the best treatment and special benefits that "every day" players don't get!

Here is a list of the online casino highroller bonuses that are above $1000. Please read the terms and conditions of the bonus carefully, because some of them might have game restrictions. Many of them are exclusive to online slots players.

Good luck and may the scatters be with you!