Iris 3000 Slots - Iris 3000 Progressive Jackpot


Iris 3000 is a five-reel single pay-line progressive slot from RTG.

A progressive jackpot means every player who has ever played with Iris 3000 contributes a small amount of money to the jackpot.

Iris 3000 has a unique style and unique features.

At the start you will see 7 closed doors and you need to open five of them.

After betting a coin the five doors will act like reels.

You need to match five of the same symbols, or five of the same kind of symbols to win in Iris 3000.

If you bet two coins a laser dot will be moving back and forth under the reels, and if the dot stops under one of the closed doors it will be activated.

So you’ll have six reels instead of five giving you a better chance to make a winning combination.

If you use the maximum bet (3 coins) you will have two laser dots and if are you lucky 7 open reels in Iris 3000.

In this case your extra reward is a random multiplier between 2X and 10X.

If you match five radiation hazard symbols and have a 10X multiplier at the same time, you’ve just won the progressive jackpot!

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