Caribbean Hold’em - Caribbean Hold’em Progressive Jackpot


Caribbean Hold’em is a famous casino game developed by Real Time Gaming also known as RTG.

Caribbean Hold’em is the famous card game’s (Texas Hold’em) casino version.

After placing your bet two cards will be dealt to you, and the dealer and three community cards to the middle.

If you are satisfied with your hand, you can click on call, and see the other two cards.

If not, you can just fold your hand.

Your 5-card hand will be made by choosing the best possible 5-card combination from two cards that were dealt to you and the five community cards.

If this hand is stronger than the dealer’s hand, you win.

Dealer has to have a pair of fours or stronger hand to qualify, otherwise you win double of your ante and get your raise back no matter what kind of a hand you are holding.

If you want to chill up your fun place a coin on the progressive slot.

If doing that you will be eligible for the progressive jackpot.

To win this Caribbean Hold'em jackpot you need to make a royal flush hand.

You can win a part of the progressive jackpot with the following hands: Straight flush – 10% of the progressive jackpot, Four of a kind - $500, Full House - $100, Flush - $75.