Let’em Ride - Let’em Ride Progressive Jackpot


Let’em Ride is a famous casino game developed by Real Time Gaming also known as RTG.

Let’em Ride is a lesser known version of casino poker games.

The strength of the poker hands are the same as in all other poker games.

After placing your first bet five cards will be dealt to you.

Three of them are face up, the other two are face down.

If you think you can make a pair of tens or stronger from your five cards you can raise your bet, otherwise just click on continue and see the fourth card.

Now the procedure is the same.

If you do have the qualifying hand you win according to the pay table.

If you would like to win even more, place a coin into the progressive slot.

If you make a Royal Flush hand after placing a coin in the slot you win the Let'em Ride Progressive Jackpot.

If you make a Straight Flush hand you win 10% of the progressive jackpot.

With a Four of a kind hand you can win an additional $500, with Full House an additional $100 and with Flush an additional $75 if you place a single coin in the progressive slot.